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Soluciones tecnológicas para la digitalización

Why download PayThunder APP?

PayThunder is an application that offers many advantages to the user, such as discounts in establishments and receiving promotions and offers. In addition PayThunder allows the user to pay with their mobile phone or other NFC devices like wristbands. You just have to follow these steps:


Download the APP

Download the APP for iOS and Android for free.


Sign up with valid data

Register with your valid data to be able to use mobile payment, recharge of transport cards, etc.


Enjoy the advantages

Discounts, promotions, mobile payment, recharge your transport cards, get solidary cards among other benefits.

Some PayThunder Projects

SuperBOT EMT Málaga

Online Assistant for EMT Malaga public transport travelers

Top up your Aucorsa Bonobus Card

Recharge your Aucorsa Bonobus from any mobile device, anywhere, with PayThunder APP

Bonobur Burgos

Check your balance and recharge your Bonobur card with PayThunder App. Easy and convenient